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Christmas Traditions - Mine are.....

Welcome to December Blog Hop. If you have come from Alison's blog welcome and I hope you enjoy all the beautiful Christmas Traditions.

Christmas Trees

I love Christmas Trees, putting them up, decorating them, putting presents underneath them, hanging all my son's beautiful hand made Christmas Decorations, even the ones they made when they were 2 year old.  I just love it on Christmas morning when all the presents are under the tree and the wonderful look on everyone's face. Even now they are older and taller than the tree the boys still get excited about the whole adventure.  Though no Christmas Tree this year as we are away and will be using someone else's Christmas Tree to put our presents under.  So I have created lots of little Christmas Trees to brighten up my house and make it look like Christmas is coming.

These trees look fantastic in a group and really give a festive feel. They are really simple to make especially if you have a Cricut machine. On one cricut mat you can cut all circles to make one tree.
As you can see from this photo from Cricut Craft room all the circles can be cut using only one piece of paper. The mat is a 12" × 12" so easy enough to measure circles yourself if you do nit have a cricut machine. The circles are 6", 5", 4", 3" 2". For my Christmas trees I cut out two lots of circles. One from the Florence paper set - which is not available now - and one lot of Old English Ivy card stock.  As all our papers have two sides I was able to contrast easily. In the new paper packs that are available now you can easily get some beautiful trees made. If you want a larger tree just cut larger circles.
Once I had cut out the circles I then used my bone folder

to fold each circle into 8 folds and then cut the tip off so that it would easily go on the skewer. Before gluing the paper on to the skewer I created a base for each skewer using Plaster of Paris, so they would easily stand up.

It was a great project to do so many trees but even one on its own looks wonderful.
I absolutely love making Christmas decorations as well and using my Cricut machine makes it even easier. If you do not have a Cricut machine then check out my website at or send me a message at There is a wonderful opportunity to get a great deal on the Cricut machine and get the Flower Market Digital collection as well.

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