Friday, 4 November 2016


Well Christmas is coming and I have been having a lot of fun devising cards to send for Christmas. See all my pictures of cards I have been creating.
You may wonder how I am so creative.
Well I am not.
I have recieved my inspiration from some of my fellow consultants for Close to my Heart. At our fantastic convention we did some card candy and card swaps and it was fantastic to be able to see such clever and brilliant ideas. Another source of inspiration comes directly from the Close to my Heart catalogues. Not only can you find a card you like but you know that all the products to make the cards is available right now. All you need to do is look through the catalogue, note the name or number of the product, go to the website, maybe mine at, and put in your order. It is then delivered to your door and you can sit at your desk and make lots of beautiful cards. Even some of the ones I have made.
Some of my cards are using the new Cricut machine, which is a wonderful creative cutter of card stock. Close to my Heart have a wonderful deal to purchase your own. Check out my website to see the deal or contact me.

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