Monday, 5 June 2017


Welcome to our June Blog Hop.

 If you have come from Jo's blog welcome and I hope you are enjoying reading about all the ideas and being inspired. Welcome Jo to our blog hop. the more the merrier and I love all our adventurous bloggers. If you want to go back to Alison's Blog then follow this link.

The theme this month is to use the colours Glacier, Sapphire and Whisper.  So I got out these colours in my card stock and put them on my desk.  As I was looking at them to get some inspiration I realised that I had been working with these three amazing colours for the last couple of weeks.  I have a group of ladies who get together every month and recently we have been doing the Workshop Your Way by Close to My Heart.  It has been such a joy to do these kits where nearly everything is supplied.  The Workshop My Way that I have been using for this month was the " No Worries" Kit.

What do I like about these kits:

All the paper you need to make 3 double page scrap booking layouts is included.  That is the design paper, plain paper, stickers, ribbon, sequins.  They all mix beautifully together and you can download instructions on exactly how to create the scrapbook pages.  All you need is some adhesive and some photographs.  I so loved this pack that I actually bought two and just need to put my photos on the second set.

The other think I love about these kits is you can do them in a group.  Just get 2 or 3 of you together in a room, around a big table and you can sit and chat and talk through the instructions and within 2 hours you have completed 3 double page scrapbooking pages, add your photos and you feel really proud of what you have completed. You may want to do it on your own and it will not take as long but you won't have someone to chat with, drink tea or coffee and eat biscuits.

Below are my completed pages:

I have a group that gets together once a month on a Wednesday and we make the scrap book pages. Once we have completed our pages we then go ahead and make the cards that are included with the instructions.  Most of the time this does include stamping and so you will need to purchase the stamp sets, thin cuts - maybe, and the stamp pads.  When you are in a group maybe only one of you needs to supply these, unless you want a set for yourself.  In my group I always supply these extra items.  If you would like to join me on a monthly basis to create one of these kits then contact me by email at and you can join a group already going or we can organise another one.

Well the cards in this kit were wonderful, you made two of each card and below are the ones I made exactly from the instructions:

Once you have finished making up the scrap booking pages and the cards you still have some paper, stickers, ribbon and sequins left.  What I normally do is create as many scrapbook pages and cards as I can with the left overs and all I have to do is supplement by adding some card stock for the backing pages.  What I have left is so little that you can easily put into your scrap box to keep for later but you never feel like you are overwhelmed with too much paper etc.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about the wonderful Workshop Your Way kits and if you wish to purchase one today or even tomorrow then go to my website at and check out all the brilliant kits to choose from.  They are wonderful and give you so much joy.

To see some more inspiration then hop over to Cindy's Blog by following this link.


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